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Utopia Limited Prologue/? [Feb. 17th, 2008|07:30 pm]
The Real Thing


TITLE: Utopia Limited
RATING: Sam/Josh, Primarily PG-13, with a few independent NC-17 chapters.
WARNINGS: Slash, sex, violence, language
SUMMARY: The beginning and first ending of Sam and Josh, back when Sam was a Congressional Intern, Josh was a minor political player on leg. staff, and sodomy laws were still on the books in the District. Ah, the good old days.

-I don't own these characters. Any resemblance of actual people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
-The multi-chaptered fic will be updated every Sunday.
-With the exception of a brief prologue and epilogue, everything in this story takes place in 1988. I have done my best, through research and life, to make it historically accurate, with the caveats that West Wing canon rules (i.e. presidential elections were in 1986 and 1990).
-The title of every chapter (as well as the title of this fic) comes from a Gilbert and Sullivan song.
-Will work for feedback!

December, 1999

Sam worked hard to keep his mouth shut every time the subject of hate crimes legislation came up.

Somehow he had managed to convince himself that if he just didn't say it, if he kept his viewpoint strictly political, with no personal agenda, then it wouldn't bother him. After all, he rationalized, his job was not to be the voice of gay politics in the administration; his job was to help craft the message, and hate crimes legislation wasn't part of the message right now.

Luckily Josh wasn't working on it. He was on the Leo thing and didn't have the time or the need to focus on a kid getting killed. And luckily, Josh was the type who threw himself whole-heartedly into whatever he was doing, so defending Leo took all the effort.

Josh didn't have time or the need to flash back to another particular 'kid' who had almost been killed, one with dark hair and blue eyes and smooth skin.