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Searching for the complete At Home story by Jesse [Apr. 3rd, 2011|12:55 am]
The Real Thing
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Hey all,
I've long been a J/S fan and have been had a hankering for Jesse's At Home story. Found some of the chapters on Big Block of Cheese and wondered if anyone here knows where I can find the complete story. I am currently awaiting approval for Jesse's Yahoo page but I have a feeling she doesn't monitor that so much any more. Any help would be great.


[User Picture]From: pop_squash
2011-06-29 04:25 am (UTC)
this is not helpful to you but I am also looking for a fic - I don't even remember the title. Basically, it's AU after season 2, the MS scandal like ended Bartlett's presidency? And I think Sam married CJ. But he sekritly loved Josh. Ugh. So vauge.
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